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    Customers pay while pirates play ...

    I will never understand why companies insist on insulting their consumer base while not actually stopping pirating. Instead of taking the time to write this message I could have easily downloaded a pirated version of this game and played with all the traits, weapons, & perks of playing through conflux. The difference is I would get better, faster, tech support from the cracking community, I wouldn't have to jump through hoops to play the game, oh yeah, and I wouldn't have had to pay ubisoft and deal w/ a ****ty DRM scheme that doesn't work...

    EA, Ubisoft, hell, even blizzard is starting to get on my nerves w/ all this stupid DRM that has almost no effect on piracy ... Did tape players kill the music industry? Did vhs kill hollywood? Will pirating kill PC gaming? No, but DRM will ...
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    And now i find out? After i buy the freakin' game????
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    So annoying

    Having the same problem normally i like UBISoft games and havent had a problem with them before but this is just so annoying, been trying to log on the CONFLUX thing for a week now and it doesent work plz UBI just try and fix it or atleast write a thread about why its not working.
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    Never connected to conflux

    I also have never been able to connect to conflux for over 3 weeks. Do not buy ubisoft games i guess even if on sale.....
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    Cant connect to the conflux either.... and i just want to play the new expansion comon ubi !
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    Hi, there was some maintenance yesterday but if you still cannot connect please open a ticket with Technical Support, the link is in my signature.
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    It's been a year and Conflux connection error has not been fixed. It haunts me now, I join the u guys club of "Unable to connect, check your internet"

    and yes, open the ticket then what ? Waiting hours for useless support ? Now I'm done with Ubisuc*
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    i still can't connect to conflux... this is first time i actually bought a game and can not use it's full content ... lol ?
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    One day I was playing MM6 in the am. I had gone through the necro campaign without being able to play it properly due to the constant doubling of mana costs for Anastasya's spells. It had been very frustrating, but I was making progress after many, many hours. Now...... the same day, with no changes to my computer, I cannot connect to conflux. It has been two days. Spending hour after hour trying different things, including those recommended by ubisoft. Getting home from work and then spending my free time just trying to be able to play the game. More than annoying. I had been very much looking forward to playing M&M Legacy, but the link for early access was not working. I am glad now though as if it is through this inept piece of software they call 'conflux,' then I am better off going back to play Wizardry 8. Which I have been doing. Saddened and disappointed. Played ubisoft games since Another World and Flashback.
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    Still can't connect, so still not playing. What a waste of money. No one cares. Ridiculous that companies support the constant connection software.
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