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    [UBI Official] Bug Fixes

    The House game has been updated with a lot of new bug fixes. I would like to take the time to thank each and every one of you who reported bugs during this Closed Beta phase.

    Do you know of any bugs that haven’t been addressed? Let us know by filling out this bug report form:https://www.research.net/s/HouseBug

    • Zoom functionality and UI element removed. You can now play with zoomed in browsers.
    • Blood work mini game UI changed (play area and info window swapped)
    • When you purchase all themes there is now a message to that effect in the themes tab on the store
    • [Clinic] : The clinic patients now display the right image for the lab.
    • [House MD] The game now prompts users to download flash player when the game fails to load.
    • [Store]: Now the background can still be interacted with while the store window is opened.
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    Found another bug but unable to submit a form because i'm being redirected to http://www.research.net/Home_Landing...esQn0BsVmKI%3d
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    found a bug

    My whole family plays this game, I was the last to join, and the first time I played I skipped through the patient story quickly and didn't treat him because I was just returning a gift...
    Then later - yesterday and today when I tried to play, I watch through the story, I get to the hospital but the ambulance doesn't come. When I try to access it through the story board, ti says that it is locked. Also, although I've added my mother as a colleague, and I can see her on my board, she can't see me on her board.
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    Hi there! I have been unable to play or report a bug exactly like MarkBailey2012. However, i didn't skip through anything. My issue is exactly the same. HELP!
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    i am unable to add anyone...and have tons of friends on facebook...now my game will not load..just shows a white screen..i am so confused..i love this game and would like this fixed please
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    After having the bug fixes implemented into the game I'm having problem with my energy not refilling. Before i would get 1 energy every about 4 minutes.. now i don't get anything at all so i can't play the game. I can't even get any energy from friends as gifts because i'm not in Aus and as i understand it only people in Australia/NZ something like that can exchange gifts.. PS to the people like CherFortin.. thats also the reason why you cant see your friends and add them in the game... im sure as they expand the beta game they will open those features world wide.. till then we gotta suck it up and work a bit harder then the people living in the game region.
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    What is the correct address to report a bug? I can't get into the game, it's been 3 day's now!!!
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    i havent been able to get onto the game in about a week...the game has been shut down a few times for matenance but still i cannot get onto the game.. i get as far as the loading screen..thats it..sits there for hours... deleted cache to see if that would make a differece..but no.. still nothing.. i really enjoyed the game when i was able to get on.. but im gettin tired of tryin over and over and nothing
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    bugs getting worse not better

    What started out as only one son not being able to play past the first scene (no patient came after the storyline)- has now affected all but one of the 4 of us in our immediate family.
    I was at level 19, (I think) and all seemed fine on my profile, until one day it just didn't load for me.
    I continued to play under another family member's facebook account- until about 2 days ago, it also wouldn't load. It was strange because I played through my energy, closed the game... then remembered I wanted to go back and do a pharmacy order... but it wouldn't load- even though I was still on the same computer, same system (a PC using Firefox). My husband's game continues to work on Mac and PC, Safari, Explorer and Chrome.... it doesn't seem browser/computer specific, it seems to be profile specific.
    I have reported these bugs already on the fan page - but I wanted to report that it is growing, not getting better.
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    another profile doesn't load

    Well, this could officially be the final straw... today my husband's House game stopped loading on his profile. (another family member stopped 3 days ago, and mine stopped loading several days ago) It just freezes on the front screen. What was odd was that even when mine wouldn't load, his would load on the same computer.... until today.
    So, now EVERYONE in my family has a glitch... 3 of us can't load at all (Happened one by one), and the 4th can load the game, but the first patient never comes to the hospital.
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