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    I think our boy is having a well earned rest. the lady watching the video is crying because of what he has been through after walking home which took nearly a year and not finding his family but was then able to help another family reunite was just to much for her and that is why she is weeping
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    bad ending

    I really loved this game it is unique and fun, but the ending was weird I felt like the while point of the game was to find your family and some how you get side tracked into saving these other people. I am really hoping for dlc our sequel to finish the story that seemed to be the point from the start. Fingers crossed
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    What I thought of the game.

    Well I have to say they definitely had a great idea. The idea of the game is great and the graphics/visuals are good. The length of the game is short. The lack of options for the character especially in the combat part of the game SUCKED. The story line is a below average. The ending was the worst part of the story line who was the chick at the end?! I couldnt find any survivor camps but heard about them throughout the game. Ubisoft really had a great game here and they screwed it up thats all i gotta say. Maybe thats why it was 15 dollars. I give it a 2.5 out of 10.
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    ok i did buy the game yesterday and i was pumped to get a good gameplay out of this and i did i compleated the game today right now but what the hell the ending i do not like the best game ever i helpt every victim even the crazy tomato girl lolol but then the ending was like a very alwfull fart mayor spoiler incoming : ok so i saw the girl in the end and i think o its just a cut ok then hes making sure to get linda and mei out but staing to find hes own famely and hendry the hes bow back pack and gears where in the table while the girls cried that meens he died but how he died thid he find hendry the he even found her famely is the girl in the cut is the his little girl or hes wife then what what hapend to him im just sad this game is called i am alive not i am alive but died whidout explnation wtf just saying i love the heart pumping action and the scary moments whend you are about to fall or the joy that bring to help others i just felt bad i spent 1200 micro points to buy this game and i dount regreted one bit the only thing i regrete is the ending just why this looks the killed my hopes of playing other survible games that has the simbol ubisoft if they do not fix this one i shoud have followed my gut and shoud have found a review of the game first right
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    Originally Posted by SolidSage Go to original post
    If we are to infer that he died, which is as likely as anything else, then I applaud Ubi's resolve in sticking to the realistic approach to a post apocalyptic existence.
    Agreed, but they should close Henry's story arc. Moreover, from a narrative standpoint (gameplay was awesome) the final chapter looks and sounds weird. Both Linda and Mei almost forgot about Henry when they saw the boat. And the boat went so fast without a good reason. It feels like a rushed ending. As I said they should close at least Henry's story arc!
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    Greetings from Russia! One of the greatest game I've ever played since Fahrengheit has been released) This game has an awsome screen and very unpredictable ending. I thought the main character will finally find his daughter and wife. And it's so sad about about henry. The last sceen where the main character's wife is sitting and crying made the goose bumps on my hands )) In the end you finally uderstand the "I am alive"... the tragic and hopeless story of young man who actually had no chance to survive. This game is so realistic and that ruined city, Ubisoft has created is, what I call, what it shoud be. Thanks for developers, I had a great time playing this game.
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    I was warned in advance about the ending, so I was prepared for it. That said, it did feel as if the developers just sort of got tired, and threw together an ending. And yes, I did feel it was disappointing.

    IF it was an ending that the developers felt was completely intentional and planned, and IF the ending will serve as a precursor to a sequel or a DLC that will round out the game, then I think the ending could be considered brilliant, unique, and artistic.

    IF, however - and this is what I fear, given Ubisoft's previous record -- the ending was just a cop-out, or a "test" to see if sales would suffer (or, possibly, still exceed expectations) based on the abrupt ending, then my question to Ubisoft is: Why did you ruin a perfectly good game?

    This game had a lot going for it. (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!) Post-Apocalyptic world that WASN'T destroyed by nuclear war (at least not that I could tell). The earthquake EVENT story was intriguing - but it still needs some follow-up. There were a lot of details that were only hinted at. I have no doubt that someone at Ubisoft wrote out a lengthy paper documenting the EVENT and the timelines, and I'd love to see that spelled out in much more detail in a sequel or DLC. The atmosphere and artwork for the game were nicely done and really added to the whole experience. The scarcity of resources, and the fact that your gun almost never had bullets... and eventually when you get a bow, and you have only one arrow that continually has to be retrieved - it became quite a challenge in itself to NOT LOSE THAT ARROW!

    1. The game was too short.
    2. They left the sub-plot with Henry unfinished.
    3. They left the main plot of the Protagonist searching for his wife and child unfinished, yet with enough clues to mount a sequel or DLC.
    4. There were a number of references to North Haventon - I would like to see that part of town. I'd also like to see the countryside where the air is clearer.

    Finally... I am worried that "I Am Alive" will be yet another story that Ubisoft abandons. Ubisoft has an unfortunate reputation for putting profit first, and for choosing not to finish some great stories that fans still want to see finished. This is unfortunate, because Ubisoft has some very talented people who write some GREAT stories. I am thinking of the 2008 Prince of Persia, which drew so many of us into a fascination with the relationship between the Prince (?) and Elika... and showed us a beautiful fantasy world that was amazingly rendered and so wonderful to explore.... and then, at the cliffhanger ending, left us all wondering what happened, and how it would be resolved. And it was never resolved. Here it is, four or more years later, and it seems that this particular story is dead, despite repeated attempts by fans to see an ending.

    Don't allow "I Am Alive" to go down the same road.
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    I don't know why you didn't like the ending, for me it was the perfect ending for such game. Game was all about the ''reality'' i think. A great disaster, a man who seeks his wife & daughter and bad men all around after ''the event''.

    What i understand from the ending is; Mei & her mother get on that boat, go to a safe place. They meet Adam's (protagonist) wife & daughter there, you know they left the city in the beginning of the event. And his wife turns back, looks for him and bam, he's dead trying to find them. She finds the camera, watches the story.

    I believe there will be an ''I am Alive 2'' and we'll play as his wife who seeks Adam. Or maybe a short DLC which explains how Adam dies.

    Maybe the name of game is specifically chosen ''i am alive'', maybe Adam is still alive
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    This is Ubisoft at it's best. They make a great game, with an amazing captivating story, and then end it abruptly. The did this to me in far cry 3 too. and assassins creed just wont end at all. Ubisoft is a TERRIBLE closer when it comes to storys. Disappointed.
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    hey can tell me what an activation key for this game please
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