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    THE EVENT? was it really an earthquake?

    Hi guys. i thought the game was pretty cool. i have question though, what is "the event" they talk about? i was always led to believe the cataclysm was a mega-earthquake, but from what the survivors say in the game, the "event" happens first and then it was followed by earthquakes, which leads me to believe it was something else.

    i've also noticed too there are characters in the game who look like they've suffered deformities, almost mutant like.
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    The Event sounds like it was initially the earthquakes, then the dust (which blocked ouit the sun, killing trees and animals). It's never really explained. Have you seen The Road? Same thing really, no real explanation.
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    I feel pretty confident that it was some earth shattering seismic event, as evidenced by the dust (which occurs during large seismic/volcanic events) the tremors, and the massive, ocean sucking sinkhole at the entrance to Haventon.

    Thus far, that's my best guess, because they deliberately leave it vague.
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    The Road was a nuclear war. If you read the book it is pretty clear. I also believe in the movie he talks about low concussive blasts. Then he starts filling the bathtub for water and you can see the atmosphere is glowing with light out the window. I guess it could have been meteors but the way everything is burnt leads me to believe nuclear war.
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    You're absolutely right. I just watched it again and must have missed or forgotten that part. What a movie. Is the book a good read? Does it give more detail than the film? I think The Road's sales will go up over the next couple of weeks as people play I Am Alive...
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    The book is way better. The movie left out some of the more intense stuff and felt emotionally neutered. I was really disappointed with the movie at first but have warmed up to it.
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    Okay, you've sold me on it then. I felt the same way about the film, it was like The Man was dead already.
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    Asteroid strikes or something? It seems it went from being a local disaster in the initial concept to a worldwide event in the full release. So I'm thinking the earthquakes were an after effect of the initial disaster. Yeah, I'm going with asteroid impacts, lots of small ones or maybe one big one hit the other side of the planet.
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