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    Ruse crash !!

    Hello, since a few days, my RUSE game crash at any time, often during game ! A disgust you to play ... It should reboot the PC every time. It started to do it occasionally and it does not stop there ? You would not have an idea ? My pc works fine, I tried to change the graphics driver, uninstall and reinstall RUSE, but it continues to crash.

    Thank you for your advice and good day.
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    I tried to set compatibility mode Ruse.exe on Win XP SP3 or Vista SP2, it does not change the problem. I work on Seven 64 bits.

    It often occurs when the crash when zoom in and zoom out, but it can also occur when one is waiting for players to start the game, or other status.

    You must provide us with a patch which has a bug. Ruse worked very well for over a year and now it does not work anymore Please come back to previous versions of your patch !! The game became unplayable !!

    Thank you and good day.
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    Hi, please ensure you report this to technical support.
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    I also tried disabling visual themes of seven, without success ...

    Tks for your message I have contacted Technical Support- http://support.ubisoft.com/
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    I have solved the problem :

    I used a tool of seven on Control Panel \ All Control Panels \ Action Center \ Reliability Monitor and I was able to better isolate the problem.

    These are the latest drivers Regesas / Nec USB3 which are unstable and create undesirable changes in voltage and induces an unstable system ...

    Good day to you.
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