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    PoP 2008 in windows 7

    Greetings all.

    I purchased PoP 2008 a few years back from direct2drive which was recently purchased from gamefly.

    Gamefly is saying that PoP 2008 is not compatible with windows 7 (either 32 or 64) I can't seem to get the game to run. Has anyone here gotten the game to work in windows 7 and if so was there anything you did to get it to work?

    I get the PoP launcher and I passed all the requirements. When I launch the game I get a black screen and then windows 7 gives me the information "This application has stopped working.. We are checking to see if there is a solution"
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    I have the retail version and it works without any tinkering on Win 7 64 bit.
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    If you pick to view technical info about the crash, what's the exception code that it gives you? The most common ones are:

    The program tried to access unallocated memory. This usually means a bug in the program (the game), or a driver that it uses, or insufficient memory available (including the page file). No generic solution exists; upgrading or downgrading the drivers may or may not help.

    This is usually because your CPU does not support the instruction set required by the application. This game, I believe, requires SSE2 support from the CPU (if not SSE3) as well as multiple processors (logical or physical), which means at least Pentium 4 HT or Athlon 64 x2. So this requires a system upgrade. Running applications with higher CPU requirements on a system not meeting them is possible, but requires a lot of hassle (specifically, creating a sandbox system and virtualizing the CPU) and the performance will likely be unacceptable.

    This is usually due to incorrect/numerically unstable timing calculations within the game. May occur with old games run on new machines. Enabling vsync or otherwise limiting the framerate will often help.
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    I have the steam version of PoP08, and it works just fine it seems on my Win7-64 machine.

    Sometimes it seems like some of the dialogue gets cut off a little at the end of sentences, but I can't tell if that's platform specific issue or not. It's been so long since I played it on PC last that I can't remember if it happened on XP.
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