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    Some Specialist gameplay

    Errr... yeah. I've stopped streaming. Sorry for bumping this thread.
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    Nice. Watched that one and it looks like the M96 (or was it 26) is really rocking. I'm trying to level up my assault, so seeing specialist gameplay was quite interesting for me.
    Video is very stuttering in parts, maybe the quality, though impressive, is too much for your machine at times.
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    My computer is very capable to run the game and stream.
    I had the bitrate to 5000, but that was causing some stuttering, so I lowered it a bit and it should have been better.
    But whatever, I'll eventually get to the cause of any video issues eventually.
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    its not allowed to share any from the gameplay
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    From the closed beta forums:
    "Hello Ghosts! For this phase, we are allowing all of our players to post screenshots and video of the game, but all shares should say "Ghost Recon Online" somewhere in the title. So commentaries on your YouTube channel are fine, just please make sure to have "Ghost Recon Online" in the title. May the headshot be with you..."
    Below the videos it says: Ghost Recon Online gameplay
    I am following the rules.
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    Yea, You were just some days ahead ;-)
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    Originally Posted by evilhackman Go to original post
    Yea, You were just some days ahead ;-)
    Nah, this was from a sticky that was up since Monday.
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    I don't know if I'll be able to stream any more. I'm visiting my parents so I guess there won't be any more footage for the rest of this closed beta.
    I'll still play, but I'm not sure if I can support streaming with high quality here. Yeah, I can stream, but can't say it'll look good.
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    Your tab key appears to be broken Nah, it's a good look at the spec class, I'm sitting here impatiently waiting for the server to come up, and it makes for a good timekiller.

    Edit: There's one of these that contains a sliding shotgun kill, I almost spit my drink on my monitor.
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    Ill be streaming tonight playing for the first time haha


    Im usually rocking out on BF3 showing people how to really play the game haha

    btw 5000 might be a little high for streaming settings, the higher it is yea the quality will be better but it will kill your feed for people who are watching it with not so good a connection causing it the lag for them. I do mine anywhere from 1000-600
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