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    appreciated thanks
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    I know that this is only temporary , we need not worry .
    the last time it took 2 weeks that multiplayer was open again .
    this problem is not only with silenthunter , other online games like Call of Duty 4 have this problem to . a temporary problem with multiplayer ,
    maybe all the ships are sunk and the war is over , sory kidding .

    greatings from deepsharks
    Sh-3 server
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    Thank you. Yooperbacker
    we know that this problem is only temporary, we should not worry .
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    I have received an answer to my post in the moderator forum. Here is what it said -

    I have reported the issue to supervisor staff to investigate, but have not received an update on the situation yet.

    I will keep checking back to see what the supervisor staff says.
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    okay thanks will check back later
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    still same ERROR " unknown error " message and no help from customer services either that automated answer thing needs to gotten rid of ....
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    I'm not sure, it may be that multiplayer will never work again .
    we shall see . I look every day or ubi.com works .
    maybe is Sh-3 too old for multiplayer ?
    I have Sh-4 and Sh-5 . Sh-3 is the greatest :-)

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    it looks like it is done with sh-3 multiplayer .

    thank you for all those great years
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    I hope UBI will NOT LIE US like they did with SH5 and WILL fix the issue with SH3 multiplayer server, or I will NEVER spend a cent on their product ever again
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    I'm not really sure about Sh-3 multiplayer .
    we shall see . Sh-3 has something magic. no one can miss sh-3 .
    I play at this momment call of duty 4 . I must have something to play with .
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