During this Closed Beta phase you may encounter bugs in the game. It's our job to make sure that your play experience in Ghost Recon Online is an awesome one. So, please follow these steps to submit a bug via the official channels, thereby increasing the chance that the bug will be documented and reported! YAY!

Submit a Bug Report:
  1. If possible, record the bug with either a screenshot or a video.
  2. Click here and Contact Customer Support
  3. Under 'Category' select 'Bug Report'
  4. In the 'Subject' and 'Question' fields place as much information as possible about the steps to recreate the bug.
  5. Place the link to your video or screenshot in the 'Question' field. (Note: There is a 2 MB upload limit for attachments)
  6. Click 'Submit'

Important: DXdiag
If you want to be a true hero, you can run dxdiag, save it to desktop and attach it to the bug report! This makes it much easier for us to report issues to the necessary parties

Bug Report Example:
Subject: Cannot load game
QuestionLog in to the game
Receive error message "Application Failed to Initiatilize"
Unable to log in