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    Ghost Recon Online Can't redeem beta key

    I've received beta key on my email. When I log in on the site with the assoaciated account, there is not redeem key ****on, as the guide says. There was only apply for beta ****on, I clicked it and now it says I am in queue, but still no redeem ****on. I have the key but can't redeem
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    Please submit a ticket here http://ghostrecononline.us.ubi.com/support/
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    same thing here.. got a key and dont know where to redeem... sad... anyone can help please?
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    Same thing here, received key but there is no where to enter it ?
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    i talk with the Support and they say that BETA is not supported yet in my Country. I'm from Poland
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    Same here just received mail from support saying that beta is not available in my country ( Ireland).
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    same thing here!
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    if you make the game like BF3 what is right now! you can say goodbye to most of your profit! we demend answers and if we do not recieve full support in the beta, people will not buy the actual game and you will be developing a broken game! mark my words!
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    There is a work around for this, but I don't know if I'm allowed to post it here on the forums.

    The work around will allow you to play the beta even if your country isn't supported yet.
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    Same for me. No beta suported for my country (Lithuania, Europe).
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