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    logging in

    been trying to log in to my might and magic heroes kingdoms account online but keep getting an error message its like my account has vanish.
    my user name is wavosaures email address is or www,
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    Just bought the game yesterday and played, now when I tried to log in it just sais "your username or password is incorrect"
    I could login to the Ubi webpage / forum.
    Is the server down or what, otherwise im worried why my account just disappeared?

    The recover password button dosent seem to work, I put in the captcha and it sais that instructions has been sent, but nothing comes to my email.

    Anyone know what it could be? Server down?
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    your username or password is incorrect .... i tryit change pasword but vrong again !! I newer pay again for any ubisoft product ! never again .
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    WTF!!!! I can't get into my game either!!! Password or username incorrect!!! Even tried to change it and still the same. I can't believe that Ubi are that incompetent!!! SORT IT OUT!!!!
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    The same thing just happened to me, I can log into the forums but can't log in to UPlay when double clicking on Heroes VI, please help!
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    Well if more people are having the same issue, Im sure its a server error.
    Thats good atleast, i thought that my account had been hacked first.
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    Read this:

    You are not alone. It is probably a global problem. I hope that they are working on it.

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