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    wont let me play.

    I have started playing house. I have done the first hidden object game, house says all items collected. a little page comes up telling me to click on buy. problem is its not letting me click on anything. i refresh the page and it makes me start all over again. what do i do
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    I have the same problem.
    If you find out any information to get past this stage could you please let me know., otherwise I might as well delete the game.
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    I finally figured it out. You need to go to tools adjust size of ur page until ur able to click on stuff
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    Thanks for that, got through that but now can't get through the next stage as I'm stuck again... The arrow points to nothing when you zoom in.

    Any ideas on what I do for this one?
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    i am not talking about the zooming in and out on the game. use the spanner in the top right corner. mines at %100. have the game page up when ur zooming in or out. that way u can click on it and see when it works
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    it wont even let me use the spanner to zoom in or out... what the hell is with this game?
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    can't get first case to load to start game.....
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