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    help technical problem ( i think)

    on the song unatural selection by muse the e string (red) is responding to the songs notes as not tuned right or at the wrong fret when im on the right fret.
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    If I remember correct, that is a drop-D tuned song (red/low e is down tuned to D).
    Drop D songs are alot more sensitive to over fretting and innadvertent string bending.
    Basically, if you press too hard on the string, youwill effectivley pull it out of tune, or if you are unknowingly giving just a slight bend, that will also pull it out of tune.

    Remember, you want to fret as lightly as possible, and as close to the actual fret as possible (not in the middle between two fret wires, but almost right ontop of the fret wire - as close as you can to still ring clear).
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