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    Guadacanal Level BA1

    Has anyone completed this level? When Frank is required to land the plane at Henderson field, he has to change to a different plane. I have been able to land the plane but I don't know where on the runway you are supposed to park it. Are you supposed to drive it into a hanger? When the program says push ****on 1 (on a WII), I pushed it but it didn't change planes. I am finding this scenario frustrating. Can anyone give me some clues?
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    I am going to assume that you have this game for the wii, I, although having it for the pc, experienced similar trouble in that part. You don't need to go to a hangar or anything, simply wait for a second or two after you stop on the runway and then press the ****on a couple of times. It will respond eventually. Have fun torpedoing destroyers. X)
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