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    Frustrated with Uplay

    Hello Ubisoft folks,

    I've been purchasing your games for quote a while, but I must say that disappointed to have to set up UPlay with AC: Revelations. I specifically purchased the xbox version of your game because I didn't want to have to deal with your DRM on PCs, but I found this to be just as bad!

    My experience with the service has not been great. I had an old account which I had to spend a significant amount of time trying to recover, and then enter a license key for a game I had purchased and had in my xbox already. The license key only unlocked features which should just be part of the basic game (in this case, multiplayer). I understand that this is an attempt to curb reselling games, but I found it very frustrating that I needed to enter this information just to play the game I had already purchased. It took me about 45 minutes to recover my Uplay account which I had created a while ago and enter the different keys I had for Uplay and DLC. I shouldn't need to spend 45 minutes setting up a game before I'm able to play it.

    My Fiancee wanted to play AC: Revelations with me tonight, but she had fallen asleep by the time I was finished entering all of my licenses, information, and recovering my account that she was ready for bed and we're now having to put it off until another night. We don't have a ton of time to play games (we bought this one on black friday and are just getting to it now) and so losing a night just entering license information and setting up accounts was very frustrating.

    The advantages which are supposed to come with your service are completely obscure to me, and it really comes across as some sort of wannabe social gaming service that I'm forced to use and stops me from playing my games if I'm not signed in and registered. I know that there is supposed to be some sort of achievement/unlock and game bonuses associated with it, but I've already got xbox live for my achievements and I'm not going to go scouring the web for information about what bonuses are available and what I need to do to unlock them on top of the other built-in achievements.

    I hope that you will reconsider such strict licensing in the future. I'm a software developer and so I understand the importance of licensing and software sales, but the thought that people who pirate your games are getting a better user experience than I am is very frustrating.

    Thank you
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    Hi Smef42,

    By any means, thanks taking the time to share your feedback. I must say I am a bit puzzled because - though you are indeed prompted to enter the Passport key - all the steps you have described are not required to be done immediately... You could have jumped in the game right away on your Xbox!

    On ACR, the Uplay Passport is only required for you to access multiplayer (and there's a 3-days trial for players who don't have the Passport or can't be bothered to enter the key right away), while logging in to your Uplay account does grant you additional content, but can be done at any time. The additional content available can also be consulted right from your console, no need to scour the web for info.

    Sorry that you had a frustrating experience on your first evening with the game, and don't hesitate to share additional feedback with us, as we'll be looking to improve the experience and avoid such confusion in the future.
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    I agree that the required Uplay for online is frustrating. I am currently living in Singapore but all my PS3 accounts and stuff are set up under the U.S, and the Playstation store will not accept my credit card therefore I am not able to play the multiplayer for ACR. I don't think Uplay should be required to play multiplayer but maybe there are perks involved if you do have it.
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