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    ACB Platinum - Abstergo Employee of the Month (PS3)

    Hi guys. So, a few hours ago I got the Platinum trophy on ACR. I then decided to look at my trophies and realised that I had platinun'd AC2 and ACR, but not ACB. I also noticed that the only trophy preventing me from doing so was the dreaded AEotM trophy.

    Making a long story short, I simly never got around to doing it, and then ACR came along, and now AC3 is being announced and I'm still stuck on ACB... So, i'm making this thread for anyone that finds themselves on this same position, so we can boost each other. It is easily obtainable with 3 people (me and two others), following this guide on ps3trophies (***...nth-guide.html ) and we can all take turns until everyone gets the trophy.

    I'll be cheking this thread nonstop for the next 5 days or so, and hope to see a reply at least two people interested, After all, I can't be the only one who didn't get it!

    Thank you all very much.

    PS. If anyone who already got the trophy is willing to help us out by playing a few matches, I would welcome it gladly, it should not take longer than an hour or so.
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    No. No-one will boost with you here.

    Go elsewhere if you want to.
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    I will gladly help you. My PS ID is DoItYourself! Ill be available whenever youre not. If you cant get ahold of me then you can contact my friend TryHarder!
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