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    A little consideration... (feedback with a little suggestion or two)

    Well, I don't necessarily like relying on friends or other players to play my game for me or the whole social aspect to games like this. There's always the games that I really enjoy (and want to play) that have the fewest friends playing. Or, for House MD, zero friends so far. This is a problem, generally, because these types of games have masses of things where I need "consultations" or aid from these neighbours and most often, I need multiple friends to complete tasks. In other games, it's usually 5 or so people to man a building. Here, I need doctors to consult with my ward patients, else I can't go on with the main storyline.
    Now, I know it's never just me with this problem; the difficulty to find friends who play. So, a possible solution is to make it just a tad easier. The green ward patient thing (or favour, for those who actually pay attention in the game) is difficult to get once if you don't have friends. Yet these cases, now that I'm on my fourth or fifth, are demanding one every other treatment. This makes it two or three per case. I'm assuming that when we get ****her along the line, it will begin demanding half a dozen per case. I'm sure it will soon enough be demanding two or three at a time. Going back to that solution- I think these "favours" should be easier to get. Maybe every other ward patient cured, there could be a "bonus" favour where the patient is really happy with their recovery... Maybe there could be a "Gift shop" or something where we could buy something similar- not a favour, but a "generic medication" version that might cost a fair bit, but does the same job. Maybe there could be visits from friends or family (to the patient) which could aid in the emotional well-being of each person. But that's just me tossing ideas...

    Moving along... The main storyline, where one goes around treating a patient for every illness known to man is a bit bland. I'll be honest, I skip most of the storyline. I can't help but wonder about the treatment aspects, though; often during these cases we go to search their homes or places of business multiple times. Personally, I probably wouldn't let doctors into my home like that even once, let alone two or three times. Business owners would probably be far less likely in the same manner; it would shut down their business for an hour at a time (or more). Not to mention, in some cases, these scenes haven't been cleaned up since the patients admission to the hospital. The stripper case (#2- Seizing the Moment), is a good example of this. I didn't pay attention to the doctor dialogue, I admit. But I would assume that the patient has been in the hospital a day or two (afterall, it certainly takes me longer to complete some of these cases); especially since (I'm no doctor, but) I assume these medications would take a few days to treat and these tests would take longer in some cases. Why has the business not been cleaned? (Also, in some of these finding clue scenes, I don't even know why some things are even there...)
    Also to do with the storyline (this a suggestion, by the way), maybe later on in the game, we could find these story arcs from clinic patients. I mean this in the same way we find people who want their hearts fixed and the stitches (I do enjoy these mini-games). Like, for example, a patient comes in and we treat them for something minor and then they have "complications" or something.

    This isn't a complaint, it's more something I'm pointing out for future use... To do with the characters, I've never been a fan of Thirteen being up to the current season, I couldn't help but notice there aren't any of the *new* new characters- Doctors Adam and Park. Will they be available later on?

    I guess the bottom line of my opinion is that I enjoy the game, I just hope more people find and enjoy it too.

    PS: I apologise if there are any spelling areas or grammatical problems; the Australian spelling isn't that far off to American uses.

    Also, I'm always looking for people to play alongside me so anyone is free to add me as a friend if they want...
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    Thank you SO much for the comprehensive feedback! We take our players' comments very seriously.
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    I actually like the storylines a lot, I'm still only on the second or third case, but this is the only reason I'm coming back, as I don't find the mini-games THAT fun, but the whole polished aspect of the game as well as the witty dialogue makes me come back.

    I just think that the gifting aspect and requests should be handled better, like Zynga games and other popular franchises. You should be able to accept and send back gifts in one click and to at least have a "select all" friends when you're trying to send gifts or requests. Clicking people's names is not fun, and while I haven't been able to find that many friends to play with, it would really add up and get annoying when more people will be playing.
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    House Points

    I have to agree with some of the users here. While I really enjoy the game, it's not for everyone. For some strange reason, not everyone watches "House." This is one of those games where you kind of have to LOVE the show to LOVE or understand the game. Getting friends to play is difficult, which I appreciate the thread where people have listed their profile links to get friends. I hate the House points concept. And many people have commented on this, yet NO moderator has addressed it. That only leads me to believe that increasing favor points required per case means pushing or selling the product to your friends to make them also play the game. And while every other Facebook app offers ways to earn these type points free, this game does not. So while the game is free, the success of playing it, however, is not. I'd like to see a moderator actually respond to this. I know word-of-mouth is the best advertising, but come on guys. This is a little crazy. You make all the money, we get to play this "decent" game, and we have to drive our friends crazy filling their notifications with House MD game requests when they couldn't care less. This forces us to pay to proceed if we wish to continue playing. The House points do more than just speed things up as well.
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    Originally Posted by boates25 Go to original post
    Getting friends to play is difficult, which I appreciate the thread where people have listed their profile links to get friends.
    I'm really upset on needing friends in rder to progress in the game, as I decided to add ppl that hrequested in the facebook page to be added and I was then reported for adding ppl I didn't know. Why the hell did they ask to be added then? No more friend requests from me... Will just post in the page asking ppl to add me...
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    We understand your frustration. We recommend that you give them "House MD player responding to your request" so that they will know why you are requesting them. Thank you for your question -- it is a good one.
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