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    what is the latest IL2 released game

    i want to buy IL2 but what is the latest IL2 released game, ther is lot of IL2 games , cliff of Dover, 1946, Britain grate battle..etc
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    Of the original IL2 series, the latest is IL2:1946 with somewhere around 200 flyable aircraft and maps from all the major combat theatres of WW2.
    The absolute latest is IL2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover. Cliffs of Dover is a whole new game engine, not a continuation of the original series. It demands a considerably more powerful computer than IL2:1946 for good performance and is (currently) limited to the Battle of Britain theatre and planes.
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    thnx man for the info
    u saved me
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    one more thing pleas
    which one it had the German Stuka dive bomber?
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    You can fly JU 87 Stuka dive bombers in either IL-2 1946 or Cliffs of Dover, but as Tully pointed out, to fly anything in COD you will need to have a top of the range computer as the graphics are very demanding. have fun. JM.
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    again thnx
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