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    Can't preorder Rayman Origins on Steam, Russian region

    Hi there,
    I do want to preorder Rayman Origins on Steam, but I can't because "It's not available in your region". So, actually the question is why i can't preorder Steam-version of RO in Russia? Will there be some region locks? It would be very strange, because all other Ubi's games don't have any locks in my region. Besides, there is russian language in the demo already.
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    Потому что игру в России будет издавать Новый Диск.

    Because it is published by ND in Russia.
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    И что? Anno 2070 тоже издают НД, но она же не заблокирована?

    So what? Anno 2070 is published by ND too, but it is available.
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    Well, that's not great. Hopefully some higher-ups can answer this.
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