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    Bugs & Annoyances

    I've been playing Chessmaster 10th Edition on my PC for a couple months. I really enjoy the game, but there are some bugs that are bad enough that I either need to find a resolution or switch to a different chess program. Listed from highest to lowest priority:

    1. The program crashes frequently. I average about 1 crash per 3 games. It typically crashes on the final move, when I put my computer opponent into checkmate. I often want to analyze my game, so it's not simply a matter of wanting the win in my stats. I usually play in training mode, to improve my game. I used to analyze moves frequently with advice and blunder alert. However, this drastically increased the rate of crashes, such that it would crash before most games completed, so I no longer use these functions until the game is over.

    2. Pieces sometimes disappear, which often coincide with the timer freezing and the computer not moving. I can almost eliminate this issue by not analyzing moves, using blunder alert, or taking back moves. However, I'd like to be able to use these functions.

    3. I rarely play rated games because I don't like waiting around a long time for the computer to move. I realize waiting for your opponent is an important component of chess, but it would be nice if there was a way to play rated games without waiting so long, or if there were opponents who played very quickly at all rating levels.

    4. The blunder alert sometimes goes off on the best move. The analysis will sometimes (but not always) catch it. It would nice if the blunder alert had a higher accuracy. Along the same lines, the final game analysis often lists my "worst move" as the final move that puts my opponent into checkmate. It would be nice if the worst move analysis was more accurate.

    5. I find the user messages annoying. For example, I can beat all opponents ranked 2200 or less almost every time, so my stats suggest a ranking of >2200. However, any time I lose (regardless of player ranking), I get a message to the effect of "You bit off more than you can chew, but don't feel bad, just try a lower rated opponent next time. I suggest playing ... {someone rated at 900}. "

    Is there a patch or resolution for any of these issues? Are they resolved in more recent Chessmaster releases or alternative chess software?
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    1. Chessmaster 10th Edition is an amazing program. I used to have the problems that you have. I took care of that by playing rated games only when possible. If I need to analyze, I would Only then goto the training mode.

    2. Your processor, driver, device might be incompatible... just my humble guess.

    3. You can make the computer move quickly by setting it to 5 minute games. However, you would have to move quickly as well#!!

    4. I am biased towards Chessmaster seeing that it does achieve master level play.

    5. This problem should be solved by playing ONLY rated games. Chessmaster 10th Edition keeps track of your ratings only in rated mode. Once you have played enough games then the computer should suggest players according to your level of play.
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