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    PC Demo, dificulty?

    Are the three levels in the demo the first three levels in the game?
    If so this game may be a lot harder in the end, and its one hit kill chapter restart system is not so forgiving.
    If this game realy is this hard, any chance of a noob mode?
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    Yeah its called new super mario bros
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    Originally Posted by Hardstyles Go to original post
    Yeah its called new super mario bros
    Thanks for that... "usefull" comment...

    Anyway a few days ago i booted up origins demo with a friend arround using a controller.
    Turns out this game is extremely easy in co-op compared to singleplayer...
    Almost looks like this game is not intended to be played in singleplayer...
    If so, why is there no online multiplayer?
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    The levels aren't that hard once you get used to them, and can actually be completed almost in a Sonic the hedgehog fashion, veeery quickly.
    (to get the time attack smiley)

    Haven't tried it with friend(s) yet, but 4 people at one should be **** fun if everyone's playing simultaneously.
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