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    I got banned for sharing accounts when i play at 2 two different computers at home??

    Got a message that i got banned for sharing account when i actually just played with 2 (two) different computers(not on the both at the same time ofc).
    Some help please?!
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    Hi, please contact technical support.
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    Did you quit the game on one computer, and then try to play straight away on the other one?

    That's the usual reason for that message in Settlers 7, occasionally there's a delay in the server registering the fact that the first computer is no longer online with that account.

    You can sometimes even force that message even if you only play on one computer if you quit and immediately restart the game, especially if the connection is lagging slightly.

    the ban is only temporary, and if you wait a short while, it resets and you should be able to play again.
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