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    Having to constantly refresh

    I'm getting this message: "Error! Server Error- Sorry! We have experienced a server error. Please refresh your browser". I'm having to constantly refresh the page every 5 minutes. Can you please fix? Thanks!
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    I having that problem too.....or another message comes up that I've been disconnected from the internet which is false
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    Since the maintenance this morning I'm also not able to get to game at all. Either I get an error message stating I've lost connection to the servers or the game just stops loading at 98% or if it's finally loading I get the error massage to refresh the browser.

    Really frustrating!
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    csi: crime city

    constantly having to refresh. been happening since this mornings maintanance. now game won't load. only having problem with this facebook game. updated flashplayer to try to fix it, NO GOOD
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