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    EU Save help

    Hello. I have been enjoying Tenchu Shadow Assassins for a while now and I enjoy it very much, but I can't seem to get the S ranks on some missions and it's really annoying. I don't really have time to sit down and spent hours to complete it anymore.

    So I was wondering if anyone have a 100% EU save file for Tenchu Shadow Assassins, I would really appreciate it.
    I really enjoy the game and I hope you will continue making more, especially on the new PS Vita
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    If you enjoy the game you must try to get the "S" rank alone.It takes out the fun if someone give it to you.
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    I know, but I have spent so many hours on it. I have Tenchu Time of the Assassins as well and I have almost scored S in every mission. But in this game I can't seem to get it, the hightest rank I can get is A if I'm lucky. I think I'm really bad at this game, but I still enjoy it, I have tried to look at walkthroughs and they don't help me one bit... Every time I score B or maybe A, but I can't seem to score an S. I have completed the game, all I want is to see the other content the game have to offer
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    Try it again n again its funnier.I cant understand why people find this Tenchu hard:S in my second playthrough i earned S in almost all the lvls.Now i know all the details about the game,even where every enemy is cause i have played it 170-180Hours^^
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