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    Every time I try and add someone the game freezes. It won't even come up with the page to add people. This is very frustrating because I do have friends who play the game.
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    No Colleagues

    I too have no colleagues if I add them they show up on there end and not mine and then cant add each other (players all from Australia)
    Its very frustrating having to wait 24hrs to get treatment points to move on in the game
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    Adding, Missing etc...

    I have gotten requests to be added to their House game, and accepted them yet they don't show up....I have tried to add people who are on my FB and they don't show up on my list to add....great game but ALOT of bugs!
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    I can invite people but they do not show up on my colleagues list.
    That list is blank.
    I can send and receive gifts, but still have no colleagues.
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    request problem

    I am having a problem with being able to send out requests to any of my friends.. My friends can send things to me but i cannot send anything back. I am trying to cure a patient and i cant send for what i need..Anyone else have this problem??
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    I have a similar problem as well.

    Everytime I want to add my best friend to the game by opening Colleague Request,
    the flash window gets populated with my friends list and then POOF!

    The flash window minimizes as if have no friends at all.

    I still want to invite my best friend because she plays the game too. And we live in the same state too.
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    For those of you with this issue, would you please send me a Private Message (click on my name on the left of this post) and tell me your Facebook ID number please? Thanks!
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