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    Heroes 6 Patch Communication (starting with the patch 1.3)

    Hello dear Heroes,

    To start, we’d like to apologize for these last months of silence. A number of issues needed to be resolved before we could resume communication, but we want to assure (and reassure) you that our commitment to improving, fixing and expanding the game is stronger than ever. Additionally, we’d like to thank you for your valuable feedback you’ve been sharing with us for many weeks. It is of a great help for us.
    Now it is time for us to share with you some information about the coming confirmed fixes and gameplay improvements we have been working on.
    Please, note that this list is not exhaustive and can still be modified. We’ll keep you updated about all the changes or new corrections if there are some.
    Now let’s go into more detail about what’s next on Heroes VI.

    First of all, we would like to ensure you that in the coming months there will be released several patches aiming to improve your Heroes VI game experience: bugs fixes, features fixes and tweaks, new features, balance improvements etc. We will also improve the map Editor along this patch process.
    Just to give you a heads up, the planning of the coming patches is as follows:

    • Patch 1.3 will be released on second half of March
    • Patch 1.4, end of April
    • Patch 1.5, end of June
    • Patch 1.6, end of July
    • Patch 1.7, end of August.

    We are going to have this steady stream of patches for the next six months while keeping you in the loop about the content of patches. Of course, your feedback is crucial for us. Please, post your ideas and suggestions on this forum.

    1.3 patch will include a mix of online features along with a first set of bug fixes.

    Online features:

    • Invite Friends: you’ll be able to invite players from your friend list directly in-game.
    • Official Map Tags: highlight official maps released by Ubisoft and the others in the map selection screen.

    Bugs fixes:

    • Abilities/Gameplay/Campaign:

    • Sanctuary - The "Challenge" ability has no functionality.
    • Sanctuary - The "Trail of Clouds" will completely stop the movement of enemy units that attempt to cross its area of effect.
    • Haven - The Imperial Griffin creature can use its special ability while frozen.
    • Menu - The tooltips of the Reputation Abilities do not indicate the proper school which they belong to.
    • Necropolis - Wasting Grounds does not award the bonus stated in its description
    • Campaign -The primary quest "The Choice” will not complete when the user upgrades his reputation after visiting an Arena.
    • Campaign - The hero cannot interact with a Dragon Nexus near the town of Nar-Heresh
    • Campaign – In multiplayer, the resources spawn outside the island on Tree of Plenty map.
    • Campaign - The user cannot select any hero for the Epilogue campaign after previously visiting the other campaign tabs
    • The Unyelding trait the user receives for finishing the Sanctuary campaign does not work
    • The Barbarian Hero trait the user receives for the Wormchopper achievement does not work as stated in the description.
    • The custom hero changes into Irina at the beginning of Sanctuary 2.
    • Create Hero panel's class specific ability name is not localized.

    • Multiplayer:

    • The player that is attacked during a Multiplayer session by another player can't complete any Combat Achievements during that battle
    • During Siege, one of the player remains on the map if the other player exit the session.
    • If the user is defeated by not completing the condition to re/capture a town or fort in 7 days - he will receive achievements completed by the AI
    • There is no confirmation dialog when kicking another player from the lobby.
    • Some of multiplayer map name is displayed to English
    • A previously saved session cannot be finished after being reloaded, if not all the players rejoin the saved game.
    • The user that does not join a loaded game will still have his assets in the game.
    • The client remains on infinite loading screen if he joins any Multiplayer server after he lost his internet connection

    • Conflux:

    • The user cannot buy the newly unlocked items from the Altar of Wishes when reaching a new Dynasty rank, until he advances one more Dynasty level.
    • The information provided when using "Compare" is incomplete
    • The Online Profile displayed is the one of the previous selected friend, if changing the tab to Online Profile after choosing Compare achievements option from the Friends list.
    • The Player statistics transfer from one player to another after using the "Compare" and "Details" .
    • When selecting the "View online profile" option for a friend from the friends list, the achievements list shown remains the one of the user.
    • The confirmation message received when trying to remove an active widget is not localized
    • The user cannot see the details and compare the achievements with the other in "leaderboards" and "friends".
    • After losing the connection to Conflux servers on the transition to the Main Menu, a debug text error is displayed and the Main Menu background disappears
    • The user is unable to load any save while in game, after reconnecting to the Internet

    • Various:

    • Map Editor - The maps created with the Editor do not appear in the Multiplayer game lobby.
    • The sound FX is distorted when modifying the movement of the AI, units and Hero.
    • None of the artifacts present in the Artifact Merchant menu has a description.

    Many of you are wondering if there are some new content to come… Stay tuned as we are going to share it with you very soon!

    The M&M team
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    In which of these patch will be included new town screens?

    When can we expect some information about expansion for Heroes VI?
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    When will the mouse issue will be fixed , the issue with mouse movement causing freezing
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    Originally Posted by Karule_ Go to original post
    In which of these patch will be included new town screens?

    When can we expect some information about expansion for Heroes VI?
    Hello! These patches are not related to the townscreens. Stay patient, we are working on it!
    As I said in the last sentence of the message "Stay tuned as we are going to share it with you very shortly!".
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    Well thank you for informing us on what you were busy "working" for a change. While we could only guess what those issues were... will you be able to address game bugs also in the next patch?

    And I for one sure do hope that "our commitment to improving, fixing and expanding the game is stronger than ever" will also reflect in actual work on the game. Maybe I sound too cynical, but I will take you 3 months for this shallow patch...

    Well... maybe now that the "issues" are resolved things will move in the right way.
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    To be honest I believe there need to be a lot more bug fixes in the first patch.
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    This is great! This is the way communication should flow. Excellent and reassuring news. Keep it up!
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    First off thanks for sharing the schedule for future patches. That's the way it should have worked since november.
    And while this is a welcome change and I am happy that we are ensured that the issues the game has are being adressed I have to wonder why it took the Heroes 6 team 3 months to communicate this. But you mentioned that you needed to resolve a number of internal issues first, so I guess thats understandable too.

    However what I don't understand is the preview to patch 1.3. There isn't a single big issue adressed in this list. What happened in the last 3 months?

    I mean there are really pressing issues the game has in regards to mutliplayer like the horrible A.I, no random map generator (RMG).
    I would say these two "issues" will make or break the future of the game. To see them not even mentioned (nor anything else really relevant) just tells me it was good that I stopped playing 2 months ago.

    It leaves me disappointed and amazed once again. How can a game with such brilliant grafics and art style and general huge potential fail on such absolutely basic elements like a solid RMG and an at least decent A.I.
    All of these features already existed in games like Warlords which are 20 years old now, to not provide these basic elements and on top of this have all those bugs still in the game after 6 months + is just incomprehensible for me.
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    Thank you so much for this! I was really worried that you have stopped caring about this amazing game! Now you proved that you are listening to us. I just hope that you will fix the balance issues in the game in the following patch. Please improve the Cerberi in some way, not its design but its statistics. It is really to weak as many say. As you said that you want our feedback I BEG YOU to improve the combat music. Please! It is just so plain and not as exciting as from the previous games. You said that music is a very important part of the Might & Magic games.

    One question which i would like if you could asnwer
    I read an Q&A on Heroes Community saying that there will be weather on the battlefields. It apparently ment to affect the creatures and other things in some way. But there is no weather in the game. Can you tell me why you took it out? Will you bring it in the expansions or in the patches?

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    its a welcome thing that there are plans at the end for this great game.

    But so far the majority of problems that make the game practically unplayable is Conflux. On post i saw bug fixes but no at all a notification like
    'Improve Conflux Stability'

    You dont think that there is a stability problem on this online service? or kind of DRM as it is truly?
    You dont recognize that this system although is required to work 24/7, it IS NOT working?

    The problem is that if we cant play the game because of conflux instability, we cant ever see the features or additions of the game. And again we will ask for a patch. So recognize at least, that THIS is a major problem and that EXIST. It is no a bug only. Its something worse.
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