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    Why got key if the beta is down ?!

    i´ve been waited about 3 **** moths for the beta-key. Finally i got it and i just want to play the game so i downloaded it and at the end i see that the **** beta is down ! So dear ubisoft - why the f... do u get me a key if couldn´t play it ?!
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    You know that Closed beta starts at March 5?

    I do not know about you, but if you want play GRO - that would be at open beta or on release day and beyond, about that is that Ubisoft is looking for individuals that are capable to find&report errors in this game, not simply to play just because you have an beta key. The developer team, is hoping that all closed beta testers are helping in making progress into good free-to-play game.

    Of course, that would not much help for you I suppose, but why you got the key before weeks that is which bit too early, that closed beta can begin, have indeed no reason for it.

    Oh and last but not least, there is no reason to use foul language, these were not pleasant to hear about it, even you are frustrated.

    - Surviock.
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    no i didn´t know that it starts at march. just looked in the launcher the last days where stands that beta is closed by now :/
    and the 4 **** was only a d.amn ^^
    so anyways thank you for your information and i hope that ubisoft would write it down so that players see that it is "only" closed at the moment and not for the whole time
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