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    Details about the next Mission:

    (click on the image)

    We need escorts and attackers! Interested bomber pilots please report for a practice session HERE.
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    Belated screenshots from the last Mission (by Magnum):

    After a short break, we're back and testing / working on new Missions + some interesting new stuff. Check out our CALENDAR THREAD for more details if interested in flying with us. We use HSFX6 + EXPERT MODE to enhance our flying experience.
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    Dedicated Bomber Squadron is hosting a public bomber practice. If you like teamwork, formation flying, coordinated bombing - or wish to learn any of them, this is an excellent opportunity to do so. DBS has a history of organizing bomber oriented events, with great successes. This time we're taking it a step further - with a full training plan and higher level of dedication towards each pilot.

    You can read about the requirements, details and more in this thread:

    3rd Bomber Practice and Evaluation

    Post here or on our forums (recommended) if you are interested in joining the fun.
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