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    Closed Beta Feedback

    This is my first day of playing, and I've used every bit of energy from the past 8 hours and also maxed out the gifting energy bonus (both ways), and while I like it so far, I seem to have fallen right off the hand-holding beginner-friendly curve.

    Tthe progress feels very constrained, every couple of tests (which takes 1/6 of my energy bar), House is pimping me for some 350 dollars of cash and pills/sexual favours.
    I don't quite follow the developer's gameplay direction and outlook, my impression so far is your pace through the story is dictated by your the influx of supplies/money, of which the availability only comes through pharmacy patients which of course is more or less trading 50 dollars and 1 energy for 1 random supply out of 6 and 5 XP / 3 dollars

    Which is of course hamstrung by the limit of how often you can get money out of the analysis/MRI labs, which are very dependent on luck even with skill, and you can do these 4 times every 2.5 hours, which gives you give or take about 400 dollars

    With House hustling me for 350 in dollars and 6~10 pills every couple of rounds of labs (which the investigations / lab / MRI only pays about 100 and also takes more energy)

    This is the second round of favors and money he's asked for, I mean think about it, it'll only take one wiseguy CNN/FOX sensationalist reporter with a view to write about this "online game where you are pressured to hastily treat patients because House keeps wanting loads of money and pills from you" and then it's all the headlines

    How am I going to save up for better meds/machines when they go on 4 hour maintenances (during that time I can not produce ANY money)

    He goes through 2~3 favours every case, which is 150 dollars worth of supplies and one visit per one friend (who might not be a specialist), the friends requirement works close to an unsustainable pyramid scheme

    60 tiles on the board, 30 pairs to match, and i scored 20 in 30 seconds, 1.33 tiles every second, it's by no means a highscore, but with the level two upgrade I get paid peanuts for the amount of efficiency and speed
    Is the intended play-time and perhaps commitment to the game, on a casual basis? Maximum 3 ,4 visits by the player per day and then it's chunks of waiting time again?

    On a level 4 analysis machine 20 nets me 198 cash, but on a lvl 1 machine its only around 180, the maintenance is only reduced by 10 minutes, surely after 2300 dollars into upgrading I should be expecting a little more?

    The amount seem to fluctuate randomly, and there's seems to be no "bigger rewards"

    Currently the energy is only made easy by the fact you level up quite fast early on, while the XP from the case does scale with leveling up the method of income is still more or less constant

    My take on the game at this moment is that the game will draw and attract users who will get through the tutorial and breeze through a couple of the games and then get frustrated at having to learn the location of some 12 different items in a new location every case and earn something like 50 dollars for 8 energy, the burnout rate I predict will be quite high and users will just give up after a few days of casual playing

    And then the value from one house credit doesn't even articulate much as far as progression is concerned, but what do I know about social platform game microtransactions

    Any thoughts?

    [b]Update[b]: Case 3 patient is currently 75% cured and I'm already being hustled for my 5th favour

    5 pills each time and 1 supply plus 5th favour (of which is in itself 3 supplies and 1 consult that takes 24 hours)

    19 supplies at 40 dollars each runs the bill at 760 so far, not counting the 650 in cash he asked for prior

    I understand needing budget, but why do -I- have to use my own hard earn cash to treat some patient? Is House really a medical genius if he needs 3 completely different set of diagnosis for every patient?

    You also don't get any extra prizes for finishing cases, I guess the consolation is the .... witty house dialogue?
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    Was there further reductions in budget earnings?

    This is my results today
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    Wow! Thanks for the comprehensive and very detailed report/suggestion thread. We'll look into the things you're reporting. We do appreciate the suggestions!
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    hi i think that you should be able to accept all ur gifts and requests on the game, i fine it very annoying how u have to exit the game every time to accept a request which is not good if u say have about 20 of them lol. anyway thats my idea besides that i love the game
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    Hi I can wait to play the game but I'm from Canada and the game is not available here any idea when it will be release here or on facebook?

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    Here is the most helpful suggestion i could give these people who created this game. Take Off The Energy and people would play more! With the energy on this game people have to wait some times hours before they can play again. So why not just take it off
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    I also think something needs to be done about being able to find a way to earn more money...Why should we as the Doctor have to pay for a Patients treatment? You're never able to keep a decent amount of money on hand...I realize we can't have it all but a LITTLE realism would be nice...How many Doctors do you know that pay for their Patients treatments? Also...why is that BOTH "Labs" can't be used at the same time? If one is full, the other should be able to be used as well...a Lab is a Lab...just my two cents...
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