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So instead of listening to people on your own board, you wanted to buy a relatively cheap licence in Blink 182 because they sold well on Rock Band. I'm not judging on what Rock Band did, I'm judging based on what the majority want on Rocksmith, and Blink 182 was not up in the top 10 on YOUR forum, by far. I usually don't get on boards and post often, but this game is way better than that. I'm just afraid by the time you get the momentum going, everyone will have already lost interest. My suggestion would be to at least get some songs together from artists that everybody on your own board wants. If you can't do that, then this game will to go down like the Titanic, and that suck for me, cause I love this game.
Why are you using the second person in that paragraph? Your own board, you wanted, YOUR forum, you get, your own, you can't........... You grasp that the people that have responded here have nothing to do with Ubisoft and are customers, just like you, right?

Besides, I didn't realize that the request thread was a demand thread... I doubt Ubisoft realized that either when they gave us a place to discuss the game.