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    GRFS Beta Key

    I pre-ordered Ghost Recon today and got a early beta key and I know it's not out yet so should I wait to redeem the code when the beta is up and running or should I just put in the code now?
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    Hi, you should be able to use it now. You should receive an email closer to the beta start with additional details after that.
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    Where exactley do u register the code?
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    lol, well you cant register it yet, because there is no beta date, so it will just say "invalid", and then you will come back on here asking why your beta key is invalid. So just wait. Im not sure why people insist on entering a code for a beta that, at this point, does not exist.
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    i got the code but dont know where to enter the code gamestop gave me.
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    You go to the ghost recon website and register yourself for the beta using your code. Then you will receive an email with more info closer to beta release.
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    If you ordered from gamestop there should be a website you can register it on
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