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    Recent Rentals and Viewings Quattro Edition

    Been a leeetle busy with the holidays and getting "Freddy da Freshman" back in school so I've been a bit remiss. With a nod towards our dear friend Feanor here's the latest workings:

    Hugo - B - A tour de force for Scorcese. I can't see 3D effects (results from standing too close to an RPG) but the person I saw it with was totally amazed. Even without 3D it's a marvelous film on many levels. Worthy Oscar nominee.

    Red Tails - C - You've seen my previous review. I was disappointed but even a half-assed film about WWII aviation is better than none. Poor script, tired characterization. The Airmen deserved better.

    13 Assassins - B-Minus - While it ain't no "7 Samurai" it is a worthy successor. Dispicable villains, well fleshed out heroes and a ripping good yarn. Great action, good acting. Amazing special effects and a thundering soundtrack. The ending will have you scrathing your head a bit.

    Stake Land - C+ - Generic post apocalyptic buddy road movie. Vampires have taken over the world. The remaining un-bit hide out in armed enclaves. A legendary vampire staker takes on a kid and shows him the ropes of how to be a master vampire killer. Decent saturday night popcorn muncher.

    I Love You Philip Morris - B-Minus - This weird tale follows one man's journey through life wherein he discovers he's gay, becomes an incarcerated criminal who meets the love of his life behind bars. He then spends the next 20 some of years of his life either trying to bust his lover out or get back inside with him. Funny and poignant far better than I expected. AND it's based on a true story to boot.

    Beginners - B - A dying father confesses to his son that he is gay and the two men must come to terms with this revelation before either can go forward. Masterful acting, pitch perfect scripting. Adult cinema for adult minds.

    Monsters - D - The preachy "monster" flick is about a subtle as a cherry bomb in the toilet. While purporting to be about alien monsters it's really just a thinly veiled allegory for the plight of illegals in the U.S. While that's a subject worth exploring, not in this instance. A complete mess and waste of time.

    Another Earth - B - A billiant little film that works, only if you know absolutely nothing about space and planetary physics. In short a duplicate earth approaches ours and we find after a time that each of us has a double on that planet. But can mistakes made here be corrected over there? A thinking persons sci-fi tale but not for scientists!

    Rabbit Hole - B - Another "adult" drama of a couple dealing with the accidental loss of their child. Well scripted, brilliantly acted with heartfelt realness of spirit. Grown folks film.

    Well that's enough for now. See you all at the movies!
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    I recommend this one ...

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