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    DLC maps low activity and the next DLC3

    Due the low activity (almost impossible to play, we've paid for a broken dlc) in the new maps, I think Ubi can do a thing to improve it (only if they want, of course).

    1. Give the Map Pack for free.
    2. Those who have purchased the Map Pack will obtain the DLC3 for free (is the same price, there's no problem).
    3. Those who haven't purchased the Map Pack can obtain it for free and pay only for the DLC3 ($/10).

    So, both kind of players pays the same and the low activity will be solved a bit. What do you think?, considering that the "Money makes the world go around, the world go around, the world go around...".
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    Originally Posted by DoubleclickTF Go to original post
    It's a great idea. I very much doubt that it will happen. But it's a great idea.

    You'd make a good Head of Marketing for some games company out there, up until your eventual dismissal for doing what the customers want instead of what the shareholders want.
    Because the shareholders love it when no one at all plays what the company designed.

    I'm sure the shareholders are more concerned with the crippled server structure and low retention rate.
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    its low because alot of people are boycotting the game until they fix it with some patches

    I'm boycotting it, but they are apparently promising a patch, and have mentioned fixes
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