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    [Bug] Didn't get my Kusagari Sora Katana back

    As I way fighting Payne, his first Move was to kick me up into the Air, and I landed on the Roof of the Entrance to the Arena - which triggered the Cutscene of Payne's Fall immediately. It saved automatically shortly after, and I'm still fighting with my 'Master's Katana. I realized just now there was a Cutscene meant to be played in midfight where you get your Sora Katana back - this one didn't trigger, thanks to me being kicked out of the Arena right away.

    Is there any possibility to get the Sora Katana back, as I can't upgrade the Katana I have more than 3x, without having to start all over again...?
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    Nevermind. I started all over again, hurried through, skipped everything, and now I'm back where I was at.
    And the Look of the Sora Katana really IS worth it. Upgrading won't work more than 3x with the Sora Katana as well, so I suppose that's normal.
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