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    How to keep track of time exercised

    Hi. I'm new to YSFE 2012. Is there is a way while you are exercising to keep track of the total time you've worked out, instead of just seeing how long each routine is? Thanks!
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    YSFE 2012 records the net times which should be spent with pure physical exercise without breaks and other interruptions. Unfortunately, you can't read this time in the game itself, but only in the main menu of the YourShapeCenter dashboard or by clicking on your gamer picture in the YSC dashboard. In the game itself, there is only a warning message that appears after one hour of total playing time.
    An example: this morning I've been training for 1 hour. Minus the breaks caused by the game and the breaks I needed, for example, to take a breather, I had a net exercise time of 38 minutes, according to YSC dashboard.
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