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    Battle Tag now obsolete - Please Open Source the software!

    Ubisoft - I was one of the early adopters for your Battle Tag system. It appears that you have completely dropped support for it now. I have several sets and would like to be able to add some new game types. PLEASE release the source for the software! Going open source would allow those of us that have sets to continue using the software/system that we bought into.
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    I agree completely. If you're not going to support it anymore, at least let us create game modes. The community almost always has funner ideas anyways (mixed in with a lot of crappy ideas as well). Battle tag could've been huge, but ubisoft is not very good at marketing their stuff, they make great stuff, but you can't just rely on word of mouth to sell much.
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    I "third" this request

    Sure, maybe it didn't launch as strongly as you'd hoped, but "open-sourcing" the software could be a way to build a bit of an "underground" community, should you choose to reintroduce this system, and/or release a version that plugs the Ubiconnect into an iPad!
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    I too want to make my own content - Custom sounds

    Hi everyone,

    I just bought a 6 player setup from a lady on-line that is due to land on my doorstep early next week. I heard that it was possible to make custom sounds for the gun as well as new voice messages. Is this possible "out of the box" or do you need access to the source code? I am pretty good with audio file conversion and can make my around file structures ad scripts. Just not sure if it's doable out of the box.

    If not then I am also asking Ubisoft to unlock the code so that fans of this product can have the experience that they were promised. I recall them saying that users can create their own content. Please let us!

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    Come on Ubisoft, give us some information about Battle-Tag, dead or not , respect peaple plz !!
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    I also agree, I have been looking at the lua scripts and was going to try to decompile the byte code, but it sure would be nice if ubi soft would help out a little, at least acknowledge someone is even reading this or cares, I paid a good bit of money for a total of 8 guns and had to pay extra to get the expansion packs imported and package forwarded from canada, Since they are no longer supporting these I am going to look at the rfid readers to read the med kits and extra bases to see if all I need to do is copy the ID or if there is encrypted data, If all the guns do is read the rfid id number then copying them will be simple, I am in the middle of switching to a new website, if anyone wants to work on the scripts or want to share information you can [PM me].
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    I haven't seen anything anywhere that would allow us to customize the sounds of the blasters or create any kind of game content whatsoever ourselves, both of which were advertised selling points of Battle Tag. If they would just let us do that, then they wouldn't even need to support the game (which they already don't) and it would be so much more awesome. It's still fun, but if feels like we got a little screwed. Nice to know they don't even respond to any posts on their own forums.
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    Do you guys know how to force the update on a T-blaster? I had an error the first time starting the update and after that, the connection drops before the game starts. Support forums said there was a "forced update tool" but there's no link to it. anyone know where to find it?

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    Med Kit?

    Anyone know where to buy a Med Kit for the battle tag game? I haven't been able to find them still for sale anywhere.

    Alternatively, is there a chip inside the T-bases that I could somehow reprogram? I'd like to play a few of the games. By the way, I'd also like see the software made open source. It is a great game, surprised Ubisoft didn't ever mass market and commercialize this - it's really a great game.
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    I'm also very keen to look at adapting RFID tech and helping out as mch as a non-coder can with adding gameplay scenarios like "Capture the Flag" etc. I believe the game could also benefit from having a receiver fitting to the gun as well to prevent extended camping and make the game flow more. Lots of ideas, be great to get a dedicated forum setup to discuss everyones ideas further!?
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