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    Anyone know where to buy a Med Kit for the battle tag game? I haven't been able to find them still for sale anywhere.

    Alternatively, is there a chip inside the T-bases that I could somehow reprogram? I'd like to play a few of the games. By the way, I'd also like see the software made open source. It is a great game, surprised Ubisoft didn't ever mass market and commercialize this - it's really a great game.
    As of 4/10/12, there is one available on eBay, for four more days, but the current bid is $250. I have the expansion and trust me, it isn't worth that much (it originally sold for $20!)
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    I am also 100% for the software being open sourced or perhaps for ubisoft to offer a basic software interface we can download to create new scenarios/games?
    And since there was such low production/availability of the expansion kit maybe ubisoft can offer a way to use extra ammo or base units as medkits, a utility to flash the needed rfid info?
    Any kind of support would be great, it is too bad such a great product has been shelved after such a short time.
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    You all probably know this, but the extra ammo boxes and bases will still function in a game, even if they are duplicates. We use extra ammo boxes and bases in some games to create multiple/different respawn points and regen points.
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    Are there still support forums for this somewhere? When I load the software on my eeePc netbook it just goes to a black screen when I hit play (it ran the autoupdates first)
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    Originally Posted by guruguys Go to original post
    Are there still support forums for this somewhere? When I load the software on my eeePc netbook it just goes to a black screen when I hit play (it ran the autoupdates first)
    You can fix this issue with the instructions here (it worked for me, anyway)

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    Thanks tatecg! And thanks for providing a source for other answers as well. Ill try it out now.

    My previous post was moderated because you are not allowed to sell things here, I WAS offering to buy some clearance med kits t sell them for no more than the cost of purchase, plus shipping and a tiny extra to cover gasoline. Since I can't do that, I can at least let those wondering where to get the med kits that I know several Toys R Us in Houston have Med Kits on clearance for $4.98 to $9.98 depending on the location....

    EDIT: While I had to edit more lines than the article you pointed to, it did work. Eliminating the startup video the program now loads fine thanks a lot for the fix!!!
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    Hi mate, would you be interested and able to pick up a Medkit pack and mail it off to a US address I have through MyUS in Florida? I could pay you through Paypal if that works for you?
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    Open sourcing the software would be really great +1
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    Please open source. I would love to be able to make games for this. Infection would be awesome! If anyone makes any progress with some code I would be down to look at it/rip it apart.

    guruguys I am sending you a PM I am looking all over for the medkits. Would really appreciate it.
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    Ubisoft help!!!

    Hey guys, what can we do to get this support up and running? I'm serious about this. And I'm willing to invest some dollars. Here's the thing. I LOVE the guns and system. But I was really wanting to be able to do a full game with as many as 40 players. They promised this in the videos but it was limited to 8 per ubiconnect. I have at least 4 ubiconnects and cannot for the life of me figure out how they planned to do this. When my others arrive, I plan to test on multiple computers to see if there is a linking available.

    Has ANYONE anywhere found proper hacks for this system? Other than by passing the video?

    What if we pooled some money and got a coder on it? Ultimately it would be better if the UBISOFT would open source it... but even if they don't maybe we can hack it? I've sent emails offering to buy the system period but there has been no reply. ;(

    Anybody know of a better place to share ideas? Hacks? etc?

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