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    Double name how can this be ??

    HI i was in silent-hunter 3 lobby with friends that i normally play with and i left there lobby after a friend alerted me to the other server there with our team prefix so i then entered to see who was in server and to my surprise i found ME my own name own maps which are unavailable to others except our team members .

    to which i was promptly kicked from server i know who this is he has been the blight of sub v sub and decent fun loving players for years keeps changing names cashes server with mods and is a general loser in live and game and i ask him now STOP your CRAP we are all bored with it you steal maps ideas from websites and forums you have no imagination.

    i dont know how you did this by using identical name as myself but cease it now your a psycho and a very lonely little man I YOU KNOW WHO ARE { KG } aka. D..P - S...KS

    take this as an official complaint and same will be sent to UBI FORUMS ADMIN WITH YOUR FULL NAME AND AKA
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    still no answer here from admins

    perhaps i should take this to local zoo and throw question at monkeys over there response would be quicker no doubt
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    You're actually in the wrong forum, this is the general discussion forum you want the silent hunter 3 forum as you will have more of a chance getting a reply from someone who can look into your problem.
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