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    Xbox Marketplace availability

    Hi, why cannot this title be purchased online on xbox marketplace? There is only the old "Your Shape™ : Fitness Evolved" available for buying.

    I loved the demo, but I don't want to play any game from DVD.

    Thank you
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    The original YSFE was released on DVD in early November 2010 ; it was not offered as a download in the Xbox Live Marketplace until May 24, 2011. I would speculate that XBox and UBisoft had hoped to saturate the market with as many of the higher priced DVD sales before releasing the product for Marketplace download. I have no idea what Xbox and UBisoft's plans are for releasing YSFE 2012 into the Marketplace but I would imagine that their timeline for doing so would be similar to the original YSFE. While they may be fun to participate in, I don't believe any polls are going to change their marketing strategy. It is also likely that complex legal agreements govern when and if these sorts of things happen.
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    thank you for the details
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