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    Originally Posted by DaGirlJosh2012 Go to original post
    lol how mature you are lol
    you've nothing to explain cauz you're a low brain player (ultimate proof, you're fan of this ultimate no life lost case killer, lol
    and you are the leader of the fan club cause u still on him when me n you is the ones talking killa got nothing to do wit this conversation
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    Originally Posted by ssuPAsIhsoJdiK Go to original post
    i'm the leader of the casuals gamers playing ew and tired of ******ed no life parasites dasher like you or X woman.

    Can i remind you why we are arguing? Cauz i state that people liking killer's a$$ are all immatures...

    That offended you and now you act like "a virgin, touched for the very first time", lol

    And you don't know me yet? My gametag as JSF : GeneralTrue

    say goodbye to your battallion!

    and btw, KIller dash on me like last week or two weeks ago, so be ready to be the next.
    I have a RIDDLE for everyone .. What do BENJAMIN and all of his 27 backwards ALIASES have in COMMON??????

    ANSWER: In a MIRROR, they BOTH look STUPID.....
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    GeneralTrue is not an account from Benji.
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    On the leaderboards there are two GeneralTure. One is all caps "GENERALTRUE" #367 who is 1-4 and one is "Generaltrue" #14 who is 40-2. I am going to say he is the one who is #367 1-4. LOL
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