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    Freeze during offline mode

    Hello, I am a proud owner of the Might & Magic Heroes VI Collector's edition and I love playing it.

    Here is my problem : I was playing in offline mode yesterday and during a game of Isles of Judgement the game sorta froze while a new day was begining and AI 3 just got stuck at let's say 35% of his used day. The graphics don't freeze up until I click Esc and click Load Game or Main Menu or Quit to desktop, I can easily differ the Options section.

    I tried saving the game before that and deleting that autosave game. I also restarted the PC and the game multiple times. As it appears there's something wrong, but idk why. The game was going great tho, so I was kinda pissed at first, yet again, I think it just wasn't meant to be that good, haha.

    Any suggestions? Or is that just a normal savegame bug?

    Thank you for all the future responds,
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    Please open a ticket with technical support.
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