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    Only Us?

    Are the ongoing connection problems having an impact on ALL the games or is M&M the worst?

    I've had half a dozen friends not buying game until they get go-ahead from me that problems are solved . I've now advised them all to forget it completely. We wouldn't be able to play against each other or play game fully on a consistent enough basis.

    I very much doubt if I'll be buying the expansions, this from someone who has BOUGHT and played every game in the franchise, both RPG and strategy, since the very first.

    Does the cracked version allow FULL gameplay, if so then I suspect that more people like me, who have never before had pirate products, will actively seek them out.

    I work in a support environment and at the weekend we have MORE staff available not less, so I find it particularly galling that the excuse that things take longer at the weekend is used to expain why "out of hours" support is so abysmal. For a 24/7 service there should be 24/7 support and technical backup..

    Total fiasco from the start...Had a few days off work at release date, initially took me several days to get connected to conflux ( like many many others) continually getting told that problems are OUR fault re specs etc, no communications on problems or even news ( we don't all tweet you know ! ) ingame bugs, online features that don't work, or work intermittently.......need I go on?

    I'm going to dig out heroes 3, install on my new PC and put WOG on it. It even has a random map generator.
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    I totally agree, you can play Wog on Game Ranger too if you like, actually have a multiplayer game that works, the newest wog is pretty amazing.
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    random map generator came on 1st expansion - Armaggedon's blade. and its on the complication of heroes 3.
    so if u have a heroes 3 complete u got the random map generator. WoG can overbalance the game if u havent played it. I strongly suggest dont put WoG only because its random map generator, as u can get this on official release..

    And yes, the conflux kills the game...
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    I've been playing H3 since well before the expansions, I can honestly say that as cost / gameplay hours that it has truly been the best value for money game I have EVER had, and I go back as far as the speccy games. LOL.
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