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    Service unavailable

    I bought settlers 7 gold edition last week and i really enjoyed it, had no trouble logging in after i created an account etc.

    This morning i tried to log in but i get the message 'service is niet beschikbaar'... in english: service is unavailable..
    This ubisoft-service is currenly not available, please try again later.

    this is just when im trying to log in from the ubisoft launcher..

    nothing changed to my setup, i played settlers 7 last night aswell.. i have an internet connection, obviously or else i couldnt be writing this.
    i tried unchecking remember me, redo my nick and password but nothing is working. rebooted my pc, modem etc. been trying to log in for hours now.
    I am just playing the campaign, or atleast i was.. why would i need to log in for that anyway?

    what's going on? is the ubisoft server down? why can't i find any information on this online if that is the case.

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    found some info on ubisoft online services being transferred to another server sicne 7th of feb.. this is still the cause that i cant play a game? not even the offline campaign mode?

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    was able to login again now.. weird. but glad i could. after a few hours.
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    Having the same issue now... 4 days later.

    With so many qualified people looking for adequate employment, you would think they could have found some better candidates to manage their websites. Its just completely nonsensical, kind of like your DRM agenda. A tutorial for technical support...? I know its not a joke, but I'm laughing.
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    Once again at a weekend, the servers are down.

    I am proud to say that I shall never, ever buy another game from Ubisoft.

    I shall also encourage all of my gaming community members not to buy from them either. Admittedly its only 300 or so people which will make little difference, but my mother always taught me that it's the thought that counts.
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    Servers down.

    There's really no excuse for it. If you're going to require an always on connection, then your servers should always be up.
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    Servers down for me as well.

    Anyone going to respond to this? I don't even see a notification that it's being worked on.
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    Ubisoft services down for me too *sigh*. Am regretting buying this game (Settlers 7) already for this annoying reason alone. Certainly won't be buying any more with required internet perma-connection!
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    Service is down for me also.....
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    Just a FYI. I am now able to log on and play.
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