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    Upgrading computer and peripherals for flight sims

    Hi I am in need of some information from the community in regards to upgrading my system and peripherals, so I thought on asking the experts here.
    I just purchased a Track IR5 and was wondering about getting a set of Saitek Pro Flight Combat Rudder Pedals (SCB432020002/02/1) as well, and was thinking about the necessity of this article.
    This version has metal half pedals that contact the ball and toe of the foot or are the older version with full foot contact the way to go?
    Also as regards to upgrading my computer (the one I have is an old 775 M/B with core 2 duo 2.4 O/C to 3.0 ghz with an ATI 5850 GPU)
    I as thinking of a i7-2700K CPU but haven't decided on the new M/B yet- any suggestions here appreciated. I was looking at either of these - Asus P8Z68-V-Pro GEN3… or Gigabyte Z68X P-UD5.
    Although I noticed that RAM was specified for either a 1155 pin or 1156 pin M/B and the 1156 type go to 2133mhz as opposed to 1600 for the 1155 pin M/B (Huh??) as the M/Boards on the site (MSY-Australia) are only listed as 1155 types.
    I want to keep the GPU and HDD's that I have at the moment and put in an extra CPU cooler
    If there is anything else I have probably forgotten please help me out.
    So what I am asking is for recommendations for an upgrade as I mainly play CLOD and Rise of Flight
    thanks in advance
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    I have the old version and they work great. The F16 version look better/stronger but are quite a bit more expensive. I would buy the cheaper ones and put the extra towards GPU/CPU/RAM.
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    What DD_Crash said.
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    One of the best upgrades for any system is a SSD for operating system+Applications

    OCZ have just slashed their prices in half for the Petrol series SSDs.

    These are not the fastest, but will beat any conventional HD easily.

    I just bought a 128 GB Petrol for 69.90 euro

    VERY happy with it. avg Read speed of just under 275 MB/s - Avg Access time under 0.1 ms

    It's not even running under AHCI - just IDE (Ultra DMA mode-6)

    Many consider an SSD more important than a CPU upgrade already.

    I never heard anyone wanting to go back to a conventional HD after using a SSD.
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