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    Any way to remove fire propagation limit?

    Just wondering if anyone's made a mod or discovered a console command or found some text file in the game where you can swap a 1 with a 0 to get infinite fire spread where it doesn't stop after burning a predetermined amount of area. I know they disabled it for a reason (burning the entire game world), but I just wanna try it to get a little more entertainment out of the game. Google searches for "Infinite fire spread Far Cry 2" or "No fire propagation limit Far Cry 2" come up with nothing. I'll be pretty shocked if no one's done this by now.
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    No there aren't any vars in FC2's console for doing stuff like that. You need an SDK (Software Development Kit) and compiler to mod. Pity really, an SDK would've been awesome. I remember hearing in a developer interview that they did not have enough time to release FC2 with an SDK.

    Let's just hope FC3 will ship with one. tl;dr version: FC2 is a console port, consoles cannot handle unlimited fire propagation.
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