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    Slow and Fast Mountain Climbing Problem

    Has anyone else having movement recognition problems with slow and fast mountain climbing?
    The game keeps telling me to raise my back. My arms are already straighten up and I'm sure I'm synched.

    I'm also having the same problem with that push up/ support with elbows abs workout which I don't remember the name right now.
    This is so annoying. If anyone is getting this right, is there any tips for me?

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    I have the same problem. What I find frustrating is that sometimes I get a score of 100% and, for the life of me, I cannot work out what I am doing different to when I struggle to get 30%. And, what does it mean when it says "raise your back higher" - my arms are only so long! I too would welcome any suggestions on this.
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    Kinect is a young technology and not yet fully developed. The detection rate varies widely, not only from day to day, but also in the same session or exercise. Mountain Climb and Fast Mountain Climb have four problems: detection of the bent leg, the straight leg and the height of the back and a little too intolerant evaluation of the aforementioned measurement points. The intolerant detection of the legs position can be addressed by reaching the proper position just before the click and holding it until the click is heard. This does lead to some abrupt movements, but it works.
    Sometimes you're told that you should stretch the leg more, although it is already stretched. Then try it with a slight flexion of the leg or raise or lower your b_u_t_t a little.
    The "raise your back higher" issue can be found in other floor excercises too. You can not really do anything about it. Maybe your b_u_t_t is a litte bit too high or too low. Sometimes it helps to change the whole position a little bit forward, backwards or sideways.
    If your feet or body seem to sink into the floor more than 2 inches, then you will definitely have problems with the floor exercises. You can try a tracking calibration or - as NanoParticle reported - move a little bit backwards.
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    I agree with all the advice that has been given on the Mountain Climb exercises so far. I to have widely varying percentages on these exercises. I do much better with the Slow Mountain Climbs but I believe that is because the sound cues help keep my on track. With the Fast Mountain Climbs I think my problem is a combination of tracking and timing. Since I'm not looking at the screen during the Mountain Climbs I can't be certain that I'm doing the same movement at the exact same time as the trainer. But since I know I am doing the same work whether or not I've gotten a high score, I don't let it bother me.

    I think the other exercise you're talking about, IndieBR, is the UP & Down Planks. The best advise I can offer on those is to listen to the sound cues to get your timing right. I don't have nearly as much trouble with those as with the Mountain Climbs.
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    I can confirm what NanoParticle said. Especially during the Fast Mountain Climb exercise, I have to watch the trainer to stay in sync and perform as described above. Up & Down Planks are much easier. Here I can look forward and concentrate on the clicks for the upper and lower position. Sometimes I manage a perfect chain for the whole exercise, and sometimes simply the upper OR lower position will not be recognized. But that doesn't bother me - mostly
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    with planks i find the trick is to keep my toes in slightly
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    LOL, and I take my dentures out, so I do not bite my tongue.
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    I wouldn't mind so much if I wasn't climbing a mountain in EVERY single routine.

    Back? Climb this mountain.
    Arms? Climb that mountain.
    Abs? Hey look, a mountain for you to climb.
    Cardio? Put on your hiking boots!

    Yeah sure it's an exercise that works a lot of groups, but the repetitiveness of this game is making it get old real fast.
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    I'm glad I'm not the only one having problems with the Mountain Climbing.

    Sometimes I have to recalibrate the Kinect. Not very scientific but I notice when I do this, the image the Kinect shows looks like it confused me with the couch that is about 2 feet behind me. I can't move it any further back and once I recalibrate, it seems to do a much more accurate job of tracking me on the floor. It is just annoying that it doesn't seem to "stick".

    Also very erratic - sometimes it does it, sometimes it doesn't. I don't mind if I'm exhausted and my form is off - I'm fine with that but when I'm just starting out and getting nothing at all, it is a bit soul destroying.

    Could be more a Microsoft technical issue that may or may not be addressed in a future Kinect update.
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