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    An Example Showing That You're Never Too Old...

    Only in Marin:

    'Now it's my turn': Greenbrae man, 90 testifies about shootout with suspect


    "When a residential burglar fired a gun at Jay Leone last month, he was initially too angry to realize he had been shot in the head, he testified Friday. "To tell you the truth, I never felt a thing," said Leone, 90, of Greenbrae. "I said, 'F—- you, you son of a b*tch now it's my turn.'" Whereupon he shot five bullets at the suspect from his .38-caliber Smith & Wesson snubnose revolver, hitting the burglar three times in the abdomen. A scuffle ensued between the wounded men."

    This story reminds me of an article I posted here on the forum several years ago about the elderly WW2 Marine veteran in San Rafael who kicked a teenage robber in the nuts after the teenager pointed a bowie knife at him a few years ago. This guy was minding his own business walking back from the grocery store with a bag in each hand, when the robber pulled the knife on him and demanded his money. He did advise the robber not to do that, but the guy made his move anyway and as a result got punted in the crotch. The police showed up and the old guy explained the incident while they picked the robber and knife up off the sidewalk. I guess the lesson of this is never underestimate an old wrinkled geezer who might happen to look like he's way past his prime, heh-heh!
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    Bless 'em. I love it when a villain gets owned by an oldie. I've posted this before, but she deserves another outing....

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    Ha Ha -- Moped Biker bandits get owned.
    Now if they were on real bikes maybe they would have been more menacing and more of a problem!
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