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    Just me or does the Game wont start?

    I just received my Beta Key.
    Downloaded the Game
    Installed it.

    Everything seems fine

    Clicking the "Start Game" ****on on the launcher



    Im clicking now for 10minutes and it does NOTHING no error no game no nothing

    Whats wrong
    Is it just me?



    I would post it in the Beta Forums but i dont have access to it for some reason ˘.o
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    Originally Posted by NekoSteamBoy Go to original post
    I would post it in the Beta Forums but i dont have access to it for some reason ˘.o
    I do not want be rude, perhaps you are not invited for March closed beta yet? I do not know if people still use CB forum today before next comes, but this is possible the reason why you have no access for it?

    I am afraid that I got no solution for your problem, since I was not into GRO beta nor inside the CB forum before, might they help you I suppose they should make use of Private Message.
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    But why did i then received a Beta Key just some hours ago? ˘.o with the Information i can play?
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    I can only guess a lot, see? still, I heard that next closed beta launch in March 5-6, which means that game is offline until then. Well, try at least be informed.
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    If you're looking closely you will see in the lower right corner the Server Status.
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    Thx so in march gos it online
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    u can see the server status and also check your email it will tell u the date and time for the beta test mate...if u cant see it heres the date and time beta test starts of 5th march to 12th march and 5pm GMT to 11pm GMT...i think the 11pm GMT time is for the finishing time on 12th march
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    Actually these are the date and times for the March Beta:
    3/5 - 3/19

    6pm - 1am EDT

    3pm-10pm PDT
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    Ok, I have a Beta Key and anticipate playing tomorrow, but, does anyone know how to access the CB thread? it says i don't have the privileges.h
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