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    Altar of Wishes Bugged on internet conflux site?

    I try for days to check the web-only things from altar of wishes. i see the 'refresh' stuck on that page for hours... is it offline this part?
    Soulforge works well althought
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    Some of us have same problem as you and this isn't new issue. There is a thread where we stated our problem but nothing has been done about it for a very long time, so... join the club.
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    I see.. i remember worked once for me when i bought the game, one day before they were going to move the conflux data on the other servers...
    actually i was wondering what was that 'web exclusive' content
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    It seems to work until an account levels up to a certain rank. Ubisoft fixed some prior conflux web issues and likely erroneously believe this is a user problem.
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