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    A Brothers in Arms Tribute... Sad Version :(

    Hello everyone, greeting from Saudi Arabia. I made a tribute to the spectacular game Hell's Highway.

    Made this video back in 2009 and decided to upload it so I apologize for the standard video quality. (CLICK ME) hope you like it

    That game just resonated with me because there is nothing like it on the gaming market. I think they should have
    taken the "emotionally engaging" tagline from Mass Effect and should have put it on Hell's Highway.

    Hope Gearbox finishes the spinoff soon so they can start on a real sequel, but I'm excited for Furious 4 non the less... as a spin off.
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    whether if you download che I have a virus
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    You are actually excited about this big steaming pile of crap? Sure maybe it is a spin off but still this game has even worse realism than call of duty. Jet packs, chainsaws, mini guns in a world war 2 setting, this game is a disgrace. Only 10 year old's would enjoy this game. I would get far more enjoyment out of Cod world at war.
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